Youtube & Its Stars

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (5 October, 2012 @ 11:59:27). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

Just before the spring break, one of my modules in school covered about Youtube. So this week post is dedicated to my favourite Youtube star, Sungha Jung! He is a 16 year-old whose dream is to be professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. How is he related to K-pop? For starter, he resides in Chung-Ju city (somewhere in South Korea). He does covers of favourite K-pop songs, collaborates with favourite K-pop artistes like 2NE1 and G-Dragon and appears on music shows! It all started with a Youtube video!

About 4 years ago, I stumbled upon a video of 10 year-old Sungha seriously playing his ukulele. He was just a  talented kid with big dreams until I learned more about him. He started playing guitar by watching his dad but as he learned too fast he had to listen and pick up music from the internet on his own without music sheets and tabs. Aside from being talented, a lot of commitment and discipline are needed for self-study. Given the infamous education system of South Korea where students spend more than 12 hours a day in school, I find it amazing that he picks up music quickly nevertheless. There goes a piece of my heart!

Sharing my admiration for Sungha, Andrew Foy (11 years old) aspires to be like Sungha. In his Youtube channel, you can see there are quite a number of Sungha inspired covers. How Sungha inspires and motivates others just by sharing his videos is remarkable, isn’t it? Never did he expect to gain so much love, attention and recognition but I am sure he’s glad he did. After all, for musicians there is no greater satisfaction than having people appreciating their work! Thanks to Youtube, he has not only recorded his own albums and collaborated with Korean idols but also recognised and highly praised by international musicians like Jason Mraz!

Yes, at the end of the day Youtube gets all the credits. Sungha may be mega talented but where will he be now without Youtube? He may have been scouted, yes. He may have his own albums, yes. Probably, venture to Seoul and become a star? There are many possibilities but one thing for sure, he would never have a global coverage like what he has now.

Since it is free and easy to set-up, anyone can have their own channel, post their home-made videos and share it with others no matter where they are. Anyone can access the videos anywhere and whenever they want – there are no boundaries to time and space. Anyone can get recognised for their talents, receive encouragements for motivation or critics for improvement. Anyone can provide entertainment or simply inspire others. With Youtube, anyone can be Sungha Jung.

For those of you who are interested to find out more about him or wish to purchase his albums, more details can be found in his official website or Youtube channel!

Sharing with you Sungha’s 1st & 2nd  attempt of Canon D! Must watch!


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