What is K-pop? Part 2

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (1 October, 2012 @ 21:37:53). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

Like other forms of music, K-pop is a place to escape from the harsh reality. It creates values and offers happiness and satisfaction to its audiences through its visual content. Drunk on attractively addictive fantasies and concepts of idealism in life featured in its music videos (MVs), we fans just keep coming back for more. In this instance, I believe that these MVs act as a marketing tool as one’s interpretation of a song is greatly affected after watching the video.

Many would argue that the marketing strategy used in the making of MVs is a form of manipulation but I would beg to differ. I personally feel that K- pop doesn’t manipulate its audiences, instead audiences willingly participate and contribute to their own manipulation. What K-pop does is simply rechanneling their dreams and concerns – their’ emotions are packaged and sold back to them. In my opinion that is the differentiating point of K-pop from other music genres. This method of using emotional attachment is especially oblivious to K-pop fanatics who have been possessed by its charms, including myself.

Like many others, I have forgotten about K-pop’s essence and was instead led on by trends and well structured marketing strategies. Quiting K-pop is not an option. It is like finding the way out of a dead end tunnel. Since I can’t beat it, why not just join it?

Sadly, K-pop booming is so very attaractive to many companies and agencies. Most artists started with something unique about them but it gets lost along the way. It is really regrettable that most of them turned into money making tools and puppets of entertainment companies, to simply continue their passion in the music industry.

Could business and compassion ever co-exist in harmony?


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