Korean Students Society (Melbourne University)

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (14 May, 2013 @ 17:37:27). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

한국어를 배우고싶어요?

Wanna learn Korean Language? Or dance like your favorite K-pop stars?

If you are a Melbourne University student, Melbourne University Korean Students Society (MUKSS) is a great option for you!

MUKSS will help to save you and your wallet from malnutrition! And through MUKSS, you’ll get to meet and make friends with whom you can converse in Korean or practice K-pop dance. As classes are usually conducted by Melbourne University Korean students, you’d certainly make a few Korean friends by the end of the semester. Classes are conducted once a week in Melbourne University (Parkville Campus). The time and locations, however, change every semester. So, be sure to join the club and get the latest schedule from their Facebook group page!

Personally, I have been enjoying all my lessons so far. In fact, it is the only class I look forward to every week (no kidding)! My teachers have been really friendly and helpful too. They are always more than eager and willing to share more about their culture. Hence, I really recommend joining the club!

Korean Students Society
Mailbox 97
First Floor, Union House
University of Melbourne VIC 3010
Email: mukss1991@gmail.com


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