K-pop Obsession Part 2

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (7 September, 2012 @ 3:27:58). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

CHALLENGE: Memorize K-pop fanclubs name and colours here !

As you can see in the link provided above, there are countless official fanclubs for the different K-pop idols. Fandoms are like religions – they each have their own beliefs, worship their own “God” and have their own rules. Most fans would belong to only 1 fandom, dedicate a lot of their time to it, loyally support it and are proud to be part of it. Nevertheless, there are some people who prefer to be a “free-thinker” as they just enjoy K-pop in general.

The differences in culture and beliefs that threaten religions are also a threat in the K-pop industry. Young and emotionally unstable fans of K-pop with strong beliefs over their “religions” are increasingly involved in arguments widely known as fan-wars. More often than not, fan-wars would revolve around arguments like who is a better idol in K-pop and why. Endless lame fights over which  of them is the best fandom, who deserve to win a certain awards and so on create unnecessary dramas.

Fans obsessions are definitely clouding their judgements.  They are so into “shipping” their idols that everything their idols do are right, cool, cute and the list goes on. Cross-dressing, for example, is considered cute and funny when the Korean idols do it but is not considered culturally and socially acceptable when it is done in real life. Why?

When homosexual relationship is not socially acceptable in real life, why do we have fans dearly fantasizing and/or wishing for their idols of the same gender to marry or even screw each other? Why do the Korean idols receive better treatment than others? What makes them so special that for them to hold hands in public are not considered as gay as it would otherwise be in real life?

As far as human right is concern, I believe everyone is equal. Unfortunately, K-pop fans obsessions have successfully turned Korean idols into “God” while Seoul has become the “Heaven” on earth.


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