JYJ’s Kim Junsu Treated Unfairly

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (11 October, 2012 @ 15:22:52). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.


On 8th of October, JYJ‘s Kim Junsu had his first broadcast programme as a solo artiste. Not to mention, it was the first broadcast he had after a lawsuit the group filed against SM Entertainment in 2009 (summary of the lawsuit can be read here and here). Thanks to “external forces” the group has not been able to perform on music shows and appear in any TV programmes even though various South Korean media and paper endlessly praise their success in Europe and America. If you wonder why, there are plenty articles (like this one) available online.

Just when we thought a miracle could happen and we could finally see JYJ regain their broadcasting rights, KBS crushed our hopes, again! Despite being promoted as the main act of the night, Kim Junsu’s performance was neither recorded nor broadcasted! Little did he mention about his disappointment, instead he thanked all the fans who waited and turned up for him through his twitter (read more about it here). No doubt he knows what lies ahead after suing his former agency, no group but Shinhwa who claims to be lucky has ever survived after leaving SM Entertainment. That is an ordeal he has to go through and it is entirely his own responsibility for the choice he made. But I wonder till when would he be able to survive endless blows like this? Makes me wonder what ever happened to humanity?

In any case, I find this incident extremely upsetting. I am fully aware that whatever is available on the net may not be reliable and is probably only covering one side of the story but this is not the first time such incident has occurred. Most of the time broadcasting companies such as KBS do not provide proper explanation and/or very little effort is put in to redeem themselves. Fans ended up speculating and assuming because no proper explanation is provided. I would very much want to hear a proper explanation, another side of the story but it is almost as if we are not worthy enough for any!!

It is really unfortunate that JYJ members are denied their broadcasting rights and are forced to halt their activities at times. It makes me wonder if human rights only apply to certain individuals… If yes, what makes one worthy enough to be granted such privilege? If not, why are there people denied from theirs?

It’ll take more than love and humanity to set this straight and make it right… But thanks to JYJ we can see that Korean showbiz are slowing reforming. The changes are happening slowly, little by little without us realizing. In time to come a little will become a lot, so long if we don’t stop fighting for what is right!


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