How to Support Shinhwa 2013

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 1 year ago (2 June, 2013 @ 15:22:46). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.


Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we were able to get Shinhwa another win last night on Music Core. Great work everyone! Let’s keep it up and continue to support them 🙂

Please review the information in this post/on this blog if you haven’t.


  Mnet Countdown

  • Vote for Shinhwa here and here (you can use the same account to vote for both). Each ID can vote once and you can vote with up to 10 accounts for one IP address. The poll closes tomorrow at 9AM KST!!

  Vote for Shinhwa for Sports Seoul Top Music Star

  • Last year Venus was #1 for a record 39 weeks in a row. Let’s continue that with ‘This Love’ this year! Vote here! No log in is required. Just click on the star next to ‘This Love.’

  Vote for Shinhwa for Sports Chosun 

  • Vote here! No log in required. Just click on the yellow box with the smiley face next to Shinhwa.

  Stream ‘This Love’ on Soribada

  Vote for Shinhwa on Inkigayo’s chart

  • Though it’s likely Shinhwa won’t be appearing on Inkigayo, that doesn’t mean we still can’t vote for them (and they will still appear on the rankings). So vote for them through the SOTY app (tutorial here, credit: oursupaluv).

  The ‘Shinhwa-Project’

  • They are no longer accepting Melon IDs so just make IDs for Bugs (tutorial on how to make Bugs IDs). They are mass-streaming This Love but are in need of more IDs for Bugs. So please help them make new accounts if you can! 


–  General fan-support

  • Vote for Shinhwa here. Search 신화 using Ctrl+F. Click on their name and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click on the vote button.
  • Watch ‘This Love’ through Shinhwa’s official youtube channel and help increase the views! Youtube views are counted in some of the music show ranking systems, so the more views the better. The easiest way to increase the views is to create a playlist with This Love on it and another short video, and just let it loop over and over again. You can turn the volume down (just don’t mute it) if you want the views to count but not listen to the song all day.
  • Watch ‘This Love’ on GomTV and help increase its views. Play the video all the way through; do not mute it (you can turn the volume down low, just don’t mute it). Click F5 to refresh it once the video has finished playing.
  • Continue to search 신화 on sites like naver, nate, etc. on a daily basis (remember to log in so your searches can count!)
  • Order ‘The Classic’ through vendors that add to Hanteo + Gaon album sale chart scores: DvdheavenYesasia (TE)KpopmartSynnara’s shop on Gmarket, etc
  • You can also purchase ‘The Classic’ through iTunes! It won’t count on the digital music scores for the music shows, but it’s the only option for fans who want to legally download the CD (I emailed Global Soribada and they will not have the album available on their website).

Repost from iheartshinhwa.


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