How Kpop Benefits from Social Media

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog)  2 years ago (17 August, 2012 @ 0:58:37). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

Today, everyone has the chance to create their own flavors thanks to free tools like blogs, podcasts and video sharing. Social media means new opportunities to create and communicate with people that care.

Internet is ubiquitous – it’s part of our lives now so much that we can’t survive without it. At this age, nearly everyone uses internet on a daily basis. It has become a common platform for people to share their interests, activities and build connections through Social Networking Services (SNS).

You’d probably find further explanations on social media unnecessary but for those who have just time-travelled from the Stone Age, this video will be a good point to start.

Understand more about social networking here

Like other forms of music, K-pop is undoubtedly affected by SNS existence in various ways. To put this discussion to an end, it’s regrettable that only some benefits social media offers to K-pop idols and fans will be covered.

Today, SNS Apps relation to mobile devices such as iPad and smart phones are comparable to one of fork and spoon – they complement each other very well. Access of SNS through mobile devices and computers has increased tremendously in recent years. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook even offer posting through emails and text messages, re-defining convenience.

Its accessibility and Korean language availability fit into the idols’ dynamic lifestyle. Hectic schedules are no longer an excuse to be unconnected as these busy idols are now able to use their phones or iPads in between schedules to blog, tweet and check Facebook. In fact, in tweetosphere the idols’ existence (refer here for the list) has significantly grown allowing close interactions with fans all over the world that was not possible in the past.

The content of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong‘s bag includes 6 handphones (only 4 shown) & an iPad 2. Please refer to Dongbangdata for full list.

Social media doesn’t only allow close interactions between idols and fans but also increases fans’ ability to obtain primary information through forums and informative blogs like JYJ3 and Absolut Shinhwa. This type of blogs is extremely popular amongst K-pop fans as they offer the latest news and other relevant information pertaining to their favorite idols.

The increasing numbers of entertainment agencies such as C-Jes Entertainment, utilizing SNS such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to post official statements, news, videos and other press releases related to the idols career activities provides direct access of information to fans – fans are now able to read and understand news for themselves; no longer heavily dependent on local journalists’ for interpretations.

Click image for larger view

With Facebook translation function and Google Translate, language is no longer a significant barrier. Accuracy of translation that is lacking in these online platforms is also minimized thanks to the increasing number of dedicated fans – providing translation in forums and blogs; improving connections especially to international fans. When I first joined the K-pop world, Wikipedia was my only best friend but it has come to the point that time is my only issue now! Keeping up with everlasting news on the net is too much to handle!

I’m probably stating the obvious but as a K-pop fan, I heart SNS a lot! It is the only way I could use to stay close with Prince Charming(s)! It’s a platform where you get to know your idols better through their blog posts; get insights of their private lives, daily activities and obviously ogle over their cute selca through Twitter or perhaps chats with their family and friends too! Nothing beats the feeling of getting a reply from your favorite idols (or their sisters)!


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