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Fellow Melbournians would understand – if weather had a middle name, Melbourne’s would be Dilemma. The temperature dropped by 10 to 20 degrees the past weeks and it’s been really windy. Don’t even mention the thunderstorm but now sunny days are back and hopefully they are here to stay. As a huge part of my mood depends on the weather, being in the middle of spring and autumn results in a music polarization affecting my playlist. I crave for brighter easy listening on sunny days and mellow ballad and deep music on cloudy windy days. Sharing with you, who probably share a similar disorder, the Korean songs must haves in my playlist this spring/autumn.

Roy Kim – Home
The heartthrob is back with a perfect remedy to my dilemma. Accompanied by a touching MV and heartfelt lyrics, Home is an easy listening with apparent folk influence especially in the beginning. The song arrangement and ad-lib at the later part develops into a pop ballad nicely. Though it is more of a warm ballad for windy autumn days, Roy Kim’s signature acoustic and soothing vocal could be a relaxing and calming addition to rush hour and days out in the sun.

Kim Junsu – 11 AM (11 시 그 적당함)
11 AM is another perfect company for the rainy cold days as Junsu successfully delivers a flawless portrayal of an emotional struggle, pain and desperation of a brokenhearted through his skillful singing ability that compliments the lyrics well. Meanwhile, the ironically bright melody, the sounds of nature and the bird chirping create a peaceful and comforting feel for a walk in the park kind of day.

Akdong Musician – I Love You (사랑해)
There is really nothing to not love about this song – the bright melody, lively beats, adorable lyrics and the cutesy MV. It took real effort to not have it on the loop for the next decade. Okay, I am exaggerating but I am not kidding to highlight the song’s ability to create an endless loop of listening. It starts with a whimsical melody, which later develops brightly showing no sign of slowing down. The silly approach of the MV starring Lee Hyun Woo complements the fun and adorable concept of the song very well. It is the kind of song you can, and I am sure you will, listen to rain or shine. If you need a pick-me-up song, look no further.

Shinhwa – The Story We Haven’t Finished (아직 못다한 이야기)
The temperature would probably not drop by 20 degrees in the future but when it drops by 10 degrees or so, this one is a perfect company. The song is about Shinhwa members’ 16 years friendship and journey. It is a timeless easy listening and heartwarming piece. If their story doesn’t touch your heart, I hope at the very least it will give you motivation to continue your activities for the rest of the day.

Roy Kim – Bom Bom Bom (봄봄봄)
When it comes to spring, you just can’t miss this one out. The crisp and bright melody is easy to listen and sing along to. Besides, the song title, Bom, which means spring in Korean, speaks for itself.

Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending (별꽃 엔딩)
Another must have in every spring playlist for its sweet melody that complement the romantic lyrics. Even so, there is also a hint of sadness as spring comes to an end.

JRabbit – Let it Flow (우리 했던 이야기)
The piece is soothing and calming in any weather conditions as the high frequencies sounds balances the low frequencies well. It starts with the sound of water flowing and a piano piece creating a gentle and comforting ambiance from the start. The high frequencies vocal and snaps blend well with the acoustic guitar melody, and the background vocal as well as the flawless harmonization highlights the contrast of frequencies delivering a livelier and brighter impression of the song.

Shin Hyesung – Ex-mind ‘Once Again’ Project
Shin Hyesung’s 3rd remake project, ‘Once Again’ makes an impeccable company for a stroll in the park on sunny days despite its ironically ambiguous lyrics. The remake of Ex-mind is livelier and sweeter in comparison to the original pop rock piece. The remake features more detailed funky beats and catchy melody contrasting the ballad prince’s delicate vocal, bright acoustic, crispy and detailed guitar and percussion as well as lively rap by Snacky Chan.

Coffee Boy – Can I Get Married (장가갈 수 있을까)
Can I Get Married (장가갈 수 있을까) is seamless representation of youthful concerns in this age of worry. The song reflects on the common issues faced by many young Korean professionals these days. However, sadly Can I Get Married (장가갈 수 있을까) is not only relevant and relatable to the Korean society. Hence, its companionship and motivational intent on lonely cold days or stay-in weekends is of substantial relevance to many.



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