Dedicated Fans of K-pop

Article was first published on Stardom in Korea (My Kpop Blog) 2 years ago (24 August, 2012 @ 11:22:05). I’ve discontinued the blog and imported its content here.

After listing down all the bad and evil things sasaeng or stalker fans do to get close and personal to the Korean idols, I think it is only right to look at the other sides of fans behavior. Not all fans are as unreasonable as sasaeng fans, trust me. In fact, many normal K-pop mania would agree that sasaeng is a disgrace to their fandom. This is especially true for the die-hard fans.

Korean idols owe their fans, a lot. It is thanks to the constant, loyal and never ending support from their fans that they are able to be big stars. Not only fans purchase singles, albums, photobooks and various other merchandise, they also attend music shows, performances and concerts. They clear the shelves in supermarkets and make magazines, apparels, anything related but not limited to their idols really, go out of stock. They continuously vote for every single awards there is on the internet – most handsome, most popular, best artist, best album, best dance, best music video and so on. The more popular the stars are, the more they would appear on paper and screen and of course the more they will have in their bank account!

If there is one thing you should know about dedicated fans, it is that most of them are willing to spend more than just their money for their beloved Korean boys and girls! Many of them are willing to spend a lot of time, energy and more money on fan projects in hope to see the smiles of their precious idols. Duh?

There are various projects can be found in Google done by different fandoms so I will only provide 1 example that in my personal opinion is highly remarkable.

Image belongs to PrinceJJ

PrinceJJ, the international fansite for JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong has organised many projects to not only support and promote his activities but also provide support to others in need in his name. An example would be US$1500 donation made to Operation Smile. Every donation made is accurately recorded and receipts and statement of funds are provided to account every expenditure (the updated statement of funds can be found here). I feel that the professionalism portrayed proves that fans dedication to their fandom does not only provide entertainment values but also provide lifetime skills and experiences such as photoshop, website and projects management, public relations and networking, leadership, and many more. On top of that, these projects promote racial harmony as they bring people of different nationalities, races, cultures and beliefs to work together.

Though it requires a lot of commitment, I really hope to be part of a project too in the future! The lifestyle full of sleepless nights, endless chats and planning shall not scare me away!

It would certainly be quite an experience, wouldn’t it? 🙂


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