Super Junior – This is Love MV Review

As published on Hello Asia! View original article <here>.

To show their appreciation to fans’ continuous support and love, the popular boy band, Super Junior, has prepared a repackaged album titled THIS IS LOVE. SM Entertainment sure knows how to tease fans as they revealed “THIS IS LOVE” music video earlier and continues tormenting them with anticipation for the second music video of “Evanesce”.

Reaching nearly 300,000 views in just 5 hours, “THIS IS LOVE” music video is chic, sophisticated and modern. The aesthetic of the video is a well-balanced combination of retro and contemporary elements of the song, dance moves, props, and setting and fashion style. The use of monochrome adds on to the balance of retro and contemporary disposition while the red colour in the video highlights passion that is also presented in the lyrics. The concept embodies Super Junior’s style and the camerawork is fresh. Though their effort is commendable, I prefer the common zoom-in and mild camera movements than the rapid dizzying ones constructing the video simply because it is hard to appreciate the boys’ charming expressions! Other than that, I have nothing to complain.

Super Junior is reported to start promoting their repackaged album on music shows starting this week. Online and offline sales will start on 23 October 2014 and 27 October 2014 respectively.


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